Talking Pets with Bill Moller on WGN Radio


Pet Behavior segment on WGN Radio with Bill Moller – Listen here for this week’s

I begin with a special presentation to Bill. It’s a toy for cat or dogs which you drop kibble on. For pets who inhale their food and then it comes right back up (Uck!) or for just leaving something out for pets to do when you’re not there – I love this toy, called Green. Bill has two cats, who apparently scarf down the food fast, but then it ‘returns.’  So, I presented a Green toy to him.

I also talk about some holiday gift for pets available at the very famous Barker & Meowsky: A Paw Firm (Armitage at Sheffield).

We talk about Cold Comfort, a program that matches prison inmates with dogs.

The wonderful Janet Davies has the best looking dog on the planet – or does she? Check it out…Comment on Daisy Davies, post photos of your dog,  and like this page! Fun.


*Linda’s Australian Shepherd doesn’t love other dogs – though she once did. Her best friend dogs have now become enemies. What happened?

*Huskie doesn’t like laminate floors or kitchen tile. What can we do?

*Boxer sometimes chews our sofa and other things when we’re not there. Other times, we leave and our Boxer is just fine. Why?

Bill Moller and I are also collecting your pet’s photos – email with picture to add to the WGN Pet Gallery. 

And soon and announcement, how we’ll seek pet photos of pets dressed for the  howlidays for this blog.