Tax our soda, our liqueur – but our pets?


When I spoke to then Cook County Commissioner Mike Quigley on my radio show, and complained about what was then Cook County Board President Todd Stroger’s impending sales tax hike – I was only kidding when I said, ‘Next thing you know, they’ll be taxing our pets.”

In California that’s just what happened – as Governor Arnold wanted to tax veterinary visits, though happily his proposal was defeated.
Now, in Massachusetts, there’s a proposal to add another $4 state surcharge on dog licensing fees.

While I have no problem with a differential license (paying more for a dog license for pets not spayed or neutered), it seems this proposal may actually be a tax on our pets. $4 is affordable – so am I overreacting? Or should I even go so far as to erase this post fearing President Stroger will see this and want to place a tax on our pets, on their veterinary visits or an additional surcharge on pet food.

I thank my Facebook friend (and my real friend) Leslie Spiller for sending me this story.