Telehealth Providers and Pets with Dr. Gail Golab of AVMA; Human Animal Bond Association on WGN Radio


Virtual care or telehealth is available and it’s tempting – but might not be in your best interest or your pets’ interest, and may even be a rip off. Dr. Gail Golab, Associate Executive Vice President and Chief Veterinary Officer of the American Veterinary Medical Association explains HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio.

Actually, Dr. Golab loves the idea of telehealth, noting “it can be amazing” IF and only IF it’s with a veterinary professional you have veterinary/client patient relationship (VCPR) – and she explains why this one point is so vital. So many desperate pet parents are being misled by third party providers of telehealth – don’t be fooled.

People are often understandably desperate to get answers about their fur babies – especially if the first visits are free, etc. often jump right in. The veterinary professionals aren’t supposed to diagnose virtually (in most jurisdictions, including in Illinois) but they often do, and prescribing drugs is also not supposed to happen but they do that too. Also, with these third party providers, if something goes wrong or you merely have a question, it’s generally unlikely to get that same person again. And sometimes a provider offering advice for your pet isn’t even in the U.S.

Dr. Golab comments on the marketing line “some care is better than no care.” This may sound good but in actuality may also not be in your pets’ best interest.  Also, the suggestion that like dogs and cats, babies can’t speak for themselves but telehealth is allowed in pediatric medicine. Actually, that is untrue unless there is a patient/client relationship.

Here are more details, additional warnings about using third party telehealth providers. 

Human Animal Bond Association

Dr. Patrick Flynn is the President of the non-profit Human Animal Bond Association, and here on WGN Radio he offers what his view of the bond is – and it goes way beyond only our companion animals, for example, bats to animals in zoos.

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