Teleworking with Pets; Morris Animal Foundation on WGN Radio


So, how are our pets doing in the pandemic? On my Steve Dale’s Pet World WGN Radio show, listen HERE to Christy L. Hoffman, PhD, Associate Professor Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation Canisius College in Buffalo, NY found out the answers. Her study, “The Experience of Teleworking with Dogs and Cats in the United States During COVID-19” published in the Journal Animals. What are the upsides and downside of working at home with companion animals?

The teleworking with pets study was co-sponsored by the Human Animal Bond Association and Zoetis showed:

  • Participants reported spending more quality time with family members and companion animals when they worked from home. Moreover, dog owners indicated they were more likely to play with and pet their dog on the days they worked from home. Oddly, cat parents weren’t more likely to spend time playing with kitty.
  • Those with dogs were more likely to report that work life and personal life interfered with each other when working from home.
  • When working from home, individuals with dogs were more likely than those without dogs to report they socialized with other people, and exercised with at least one 15-minute walk during the workday.
  • Some pet owners, particularly those with both dogs and cats, indicated their pets created distractions when teleworking.
  • Pet ownership did not influence whether participants preferred working from home or the office.

We also discuss pandemic puppies – and why Dr. Hoffman thinks adoptions and fostering were way, way up at the height of the pandemic.

Morris Animal Foundation

Hear Tiffany Grunert, president and CEO of the Morris Animal Foundation, a non-profit funding research to advance the health of animals, from our dogs and cats to animals in zoos to animals in the wild. For example, to help animals come back after the devastating fires in Australia, Morris is providing support. We also discuss the ground-breaking Golden Retriever lifetime study to help better understand incidents of everything from allergies to cancers in the breed.

Dogs in the Cold

I’ve received too many correspondences about people inhumanely and illegally leaving their dogs languishing outside in the cold, and without water and shelter. If you see this – use your phone to video and to call law enforcement.