Thank You For Being a Friend to Us and to Animals


On January 31 NBC will present a special on Betty White (10 pm ET, 9 pm CT). On her 100th birthday, January 17 millions were raised in her honor at local animal shelters all across the country, #bettywhitechallenge. I know she would have been humbled and amazed at the outpouring of support. Along with the LA Zoo, there was one organization which Betty herself cared about the most, the Morris Animal Foundation. I talk here on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show with CEO/President Tiffany Grunert.

She explains what the Morris Animal Foundation is and how this organization supports better understanding our pets as well as wild animals, and those in zoos. Betty White was on this organization’s Board of  Trustees for decades, and for a time was even President of the Board – which is really a huge time commitment.  Grunert also explained what the Betty White Wildlife Fund is all about.

Of all the TV Betty did over the years, her favorite program was called the Pet Set. She often had celebrity friends on with their pets, as well as wild animals with various experts.

In this post – one of the last print stories I wrote following a Betty White interview, and I didn’t even believe it at first – the TV Guide Crossword Puzzle about people in Betty White’s world which I was included.

Imagine just about hitting 100 years, and clearly we still haven’t gotten enough Betty White. Here are some general outtakes from throughout her career:

And Betty White, this was your life – an appearance on This is Your Life