Thanks For Sniffing Me Out – Welcome To My Blog


Chicago Now is great, but I can’t imagine a blog site calling itself complete without including pets. After all, most people in American do have a pet; there are actually more pets than children. And over 90 percent consider their pet(s) members of the family.

This blog will ultimately be what you decide…I’ll be posting the latest in veterinary medicine, about legislative efforts and advocacy, and no pet page would be complete without wacky pet stories. I’ll provide Chicago Animal Shelter Alliance members (and other areas shelters) an opportunity to promote their fundraising events. And I’ll post reports, and photos from fundraisers I attend. 

To get to know me better – check out About Steve here. To get to know our family….keep going here they are:

Ethel was among a litter of pups dumped at Chicago’s Animal Care & Control. PAWS Chicago happily snatched up the pups, and just when we said – never another puppy, we adopted Ethel

With Robin, three weeks after being adopted

A recent shot of Ethel, now about 3 years old

Lucy was on the first Mercury Skyline Cruiseline Sunday dog cruise, and has been on every year since. She’s a former animal assisted therapy dog, but now at nearly 15 she’s retired with her AARF card

Here’s my ghostwriter – our Devon Rex cat, Roxy. . . While not as talented as our piano playing cat – she’s a joy, and of all the pets, she’s in charge. In fact, she’s in charge of me and my wife. I told Cesar Millan this once on the radio when he asked, ‘Who runs your household?’ And I answered ‘Our cat.’ He was appalled

Every home in America should have a North Blue-Tongue Skink. People ask, ‘How do you know if she’s a male or female?’ I answer, ‘Because her name is Cosette.’ She’s actually very sweet!

So, there you have it – that’s our home….I hope over the next weeks and months – you write me about your homes, tell me stories about your pets, and most of all, comment about what I post – whether you agree or not. Certainly, I hope you suggest topics for me to post about. I plan to have some guest Bloggers….and in future weeks I’ll be writing blog posts on the CATalyst Council (which I helped found – the goal, to elevate the status of cats in America); Halloween pet safety; noisy barking dogs; dog licensing; dog training issues; and much more – including links to my WLS Radio On Demand shows, and my syndicated newspaper columns. Hope you come back for more!