Thanksgiving Day Dog Show Tradition


Steve Dale has his paws full talking with both John O’Hurley and David Frei about the National Dog Show presented by Purina, airing at noon on NBC Thanksgiving Day. HEAR the WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World conversation HERE.

Whippet Whiskey won Best in Show last year

Frei explains how he first got into broadcasting dog shows, and says he blames a woman. O’Hurley’s story is different, but says he blames a woman too.  He also explains how the National Dog Show presented by Purina came into being in the first place 21 years ago. And with tons more competition these days on TV, compared to 21 years ago, the dog show is doing better today than ever with about 30 million viewers.

Dog show aside, O’Hurley talks about the favorite things he’s done in his spectacular career.

O’Hurley is so into dogs these days, he’s authored three dogs having to do with dogs, and children dog book, The Perfect Dog, which is now a musical.

Is there such a thing as a perfect dog? Frei answers and talks about how dogs understand us in ways which mere humans don’t exactly understand, and discusses his passion, therapy dogs. Frei’s book about therapy dogs is called Angel on a Leash: Therapy Dogs and the Lives They Touch. 

O’Hurley says there’s a magnanimous relationship we have with dogs and offers examples of what he means, that dogs have a kind of sixth sense.

Frei doesn’t answer my question – not really – about who will win the dog show. He’s says, “Guess you’ll just have to watch.”

Cat Talk

Steve answers an email about whether or not you can train cats, including remembering his cat, Ricky.