History Of The Pit Bull, Filmmaker Kenn Bell


This is blog post number 1,500…. 2 years, 8 months as a ChicagoNow.com blogger. That’s about 47 posts a month.

One of my first blogs ever was on breed specific bans, which I am staunchly against. So, it is appropriate to highlight this movie by my new favorite filmmaker Kenn Bell, “The Pit Proud: The History of the Pit Bull.”

I have fought hard against bans against pit bull-type dogs (and sometimes other breeds thrown into the mix), called breed specific legislation (or BSL),  in Chicago, and elsewhere. I’ve also written about insurance companies who won’t insure homeowners’ policies to people with a wide list of restricted breeds, presumed dangerous – from Akitas to Rottweilers. In one state, a company even hikes families with a Chihuahua.. In all these instances, breeds are often misidentified.

This four-star video ignores propaganda, and sticks with facts.

Warning: If you’re like me, you’ll require a tissue to watch.