The Impact of Reviews on Veterinary Medicine


On my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show, I spoke with Brad Plothow, vice president corporate marketing and communication at Womply  about how the general public – especially pet parents – view veterinary medicine. And the results aren’t bad.

We talk about the importance of online reviews, and what your comments mean. Businesses that don’t much care about online reviews “lose a ton of money” he says. And here’s a surprise, as five star businesses don’t do as well as four star businesses. Apparently, the suspect public is indeed suspect of a perfect record.

I suggest, while reviews are always personal, even more so in veterinary medicine.

If you love your veterinarian, do consider saying so by writing a positive review on your own (without gaming the system). Plothow says, “Foot traffic now begins online.”

Womply run the “front office”—or, the customer-facing part of the company—for more than 450,000 small businesses in all 50 states and across 400 industry categories.