The Most Festive Pet, EVER!


Timmy is The Most Festive Pet!

It was a kind of horse race….except the two that raced to the wire were a a Neopilan Mastiff named Rufio and Timmy, who wasn’t saved by Lassie – doesn’t even look like Lassie – but is clearly a festive mixed breed dog.

The contest began with about 80 wonderful  entries.

Somehow a panel (me, my wife and my sister – too much pressure for me to handle alone) cut the number down to six. Then it was up to you to vote for the winners. Here are the results:

  • Chloe
  • Lewdo
  • Nookie
  • Phoebe
  • Rufio
  • Timmy

Post election analysis: Chloe and Lewdo were clearly underdogs. It’s a surprise that their vote tallies ranked only in the single digits. In this instance, the  undeniably cute little dogs didn’t get their day.

Worse – the poor cats, between them Nookie and Phoebe added up to only six percent of the votes. Where are all the cat loving voters? Apparently, even some of them were swayed by Rufio’s good looks and Timmy’s paw written signage.

Rufio held the lead for most of the voting, but then down the stretch Timmy fans stepped up….amidst allegations about Rufio’s economic vision and beliefs about solving the problems in the Middle East. Timmy’s bark – in the end – appealed to a greater cross section of votes than the experienced Rufio, who’s been involved in previous elections.

I hope Timmy likes cats. I will personally make a contribution to the Tree House Humane Society in Timmy’s name, to support the capital campaign fund for their new building. In addition, Timmy’s owner will have the chance to talk Timmy on a future WGN Petcast.