The Queen’s Dog Trainer and An On-Demand Pet App


Dr. Roger Mugford was Queen Elizabeth’s dog trainer. He explains HERE on WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World  why he was summoned by the Queen and what he did to help her contingent of Corgis. Part of the problem is that all her dogs were intact.  He also recalls what the Queen was like with great fondness. It turns out she was very hands on with all her animals, even personally picking up with a plastic bag after her 10 Corgis, and total of 11 dogs at the time. Dr. Mugford was so good and understanding of dog language, she could have been a dog trainer. He explains being an all-out animal lover is something her mum was and her children and grandchildren are. Dr. call the Queen “a remarkable woman.”

Listen HERE to Mike Ortega, founder and CEO of Petzey explains what this on-demand mobile pet app is all about, and how at a time when veterinary appointments can be so difficult to make – this service may be helpful or even a lifesaver. Steve will be at a Petzey party – October 9 at 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. pm: at Park & Field, 3509 W. Fullerton, Chicago – which includes adoptable pets from rescues; activities for dogs; massages for attending dog and Mella, a Chicago-based startup. The event is FREE. Register HERE.

Cats mask pain – how to tell if your cat is in pain. Solensia is a once-monthly monoclonal antibody therapy, for the control of feline osteoarthritis pain, administered by a veterinarian – and when the product is released (likely later this year), there’s no doubt whatsoever that this will be a huge game changer for cats identified in pain due to arthritis.