The Secret Can be Dog Treats


Yes, all delivery people would benefit by carrying dog treats. It’s delivery folks such as this postal carrier, who were heroes throughout the pandemic.

Of course, not all dogs can be swayed or conditioned by treats – as this Labrador clearly has been. And likely this Lab is typically friendly to all strangers anyway.

Not sure if these videos were taken by a camera system or an individual holding a phone. Dogs are too often left to their own devices in yards, given too much freedom. Even a dog happy to see everyone can knock a person over, and now – in our litigious society – you’re being sued.  I just don’t believe that a backyard should be a babysitter. All sorts of reasons for not leaving dogs outside without an adult supervising, everything from coyotes to little kids taunting a dog to a dog who normally wouldn’t run off deciding that one squirrel is worth chasing. And we do have more delivery people than ever bringing packages and food to our homes, and our neighbor’s homes. In a setting like this – without adult supervision – a dog may wander to a neighbor’s house too, and that delivery person may not appreciate a free-roaming dog.

Still, these videos and this mail carrier – very sweet.

One comment on a video reads, “We have a mail woman named Betty. She leaves three dog biscuits in our mailbox daily for our three small dogs. They get excited when they hear Betty’s mail truck coming down our street. Betty went on vacation few months ago for two wks and the last day she worked she left a snack bag in the mailbox with a note written on the bag that the enclosed biscuits would cover her absence! Betty is the greatest!”