They’re Serious: Set on Repealing the Illinois Pet Store Sales Bans of Dogs/Cats


With one stroke of the pen, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed HB 1711 which made Illinois the fifth state to ban sales of dogs/cats at pet stores.

However, that could change if well-paid lobbyists get their way.

Back in 2021, overwhelmingly representatives agreed, a  bipartisan, 38 to 12 vote on in the Illinois Senate to support and the Illinois House of Representatives voted resoundingly 76 to 24 in favor of the bill to ban sales of dogs/cats at pet stores. Arguably, FAR more important – pet owners across the state (and across the country) supported the bill overwhelmingly.

However, passing a bill with a resounding majority apparently doesn’t matter in Illinois. For starters HB 2793 has now popped up, which would essentially repeal the previous bill and allow “professional breeders” to sell puppies (and kittens) at pet stores.

And meanwhile, by all accounts, Furry Babies in Rockford, Lombard and Aurora continue to sell puppies, as does the Petland store in Batavia and Perfect Pup in St. Charles. Selling puppies or kittens at Illinois pet stores is supposed to be against the law.

How can this be allowed? And these sales have gone on unhindered for many months

The answer, in part, is money. Furry Babies and Petland (from the best one can decipher) have hired multiple lobbyists and have gotten to Illinois Representative William Davis (30th District) to support HB 2793, though he has no pet store selling dogs/cats in his district. Why the interest?

Of course, no responsible breeder EVER sells to a pet store. Period. And if not from responsible breeders, these dogs are from large warehouse commercial-type facilities or puppy mills (often the latter – but neither acceptable).

Aside from the obvious of allowing the puppy mill pipeline to return to Illinois, the bill is actually unenforceable, which is naturally what the pet store industry wants. Also, USDA licensed breeders in reality do not equate to responsible breeders.

Also, should this pass – and it could – then the “bad actor stores” (the retail pet stores indicated above) who have continued to blatantly illegally sell puppies are not only not penalized, but instead they are rewarded for evading the law. Most importantly, more puppies will suffer.

If you happen to live in Illinois contact the office of Rep. Davis (708) 799-7300), and most importantly your state representative to express your views.