This Dog Saves a Human Life, Just By Being a Dog


Tissue please for this beautiful story. Been writing a lot lately about what dogs are able to do, from detecting COVID-19 to a dog waiting for days outside a hospital for his stricken person. 

As a last ditch effort for a hospitalized unconscious and 6-year old boy suffering from a brain injury, a dog was brought into the hospital.  And then a miracle happened; the boy responded.

When the doctor suggested therapy, he meant canine therapy from a dog named Colonel, a Golden Retriever.  The boy literally woke-up. Even the doctors who suggested the therapist with four legs were amazed. Yet, this is real – and for those who have participated in animal assisted activities/animal assisted therapy you know this is possible. In fact, perhaps you’ve experienced something like this yourself. Saving a person from the brink of death isn’t a daily event, but dogs who help people advance in their therapy does happen daily.

On Sunday, June 13 my guest on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio radio show is Susan Burrows of renowned Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy in Chicago, live 5:30 am CDT, or watch for my post here in a few days.