Tick Disease and Veterinary Medicine Today


Dr. Adam Christman

Dr. Adam Christman is larger than life in so many ways; he is the chief veterinary officer at DVM360 which means he helps to organize the FETCH veterinary meetings.

Listen HERE  as Dr. Christman explains on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio, that right now (late September and throughout October) is when ticks deliver most tick disease to dogs.

There are more ticks and more kinds of ticks in the U.S. right now compared to than ever before – and Dr. Christman talks about why that’s the case. And most importantly, how to avoid tick disease.

People think in urban areas, “there’s no tick disease” but that’s actually not true.

Discussed is that Dr, Christman explains that ticks disease is likely underdiagnosed in dogs.

Also, discussed is veterinary medicine today, and how it’s all changed and continues to. How can those in the profession deal with everything going on?

And veterinarians are pet parents too, as Dr. Christman explains his reaction when his dog suffered a painful ruptured disc (intervertebral disk disease). Dr. Christman talks about the kinds of clients he loves most and gives “made props” to. Smart clients aren’t undermining veterinarians, they just care so much about their pets.

Check out Dr. Christman’s TikTok HERE.  And there’s Steve Dale’s kitten, Groucho, here on TikTok.

And was granny losing her mind?