Tick Disease Epidemic


An epidemic of ticks! Not trying to be chicken little here, but that is what veterinary parasitologist Dr. Michael Dryden of Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine says. And where thee are more ticks than before – which is much of the U.S., that means more tick disease, affecting people and their pets.

Lots of reason ticks are spreading, white-tailed deer. In the U. S., Bambi has increased over 100 fold in 100 years. But the deer alone aren’t to blame, it’s other critters including mice species that young ticks like. Simply the suburbia sprawl intersecting with forest puts us in contact with ticks. And we’ve also done a really good job of relocating ticks from rural forests into big city parks. Another factor may be climate change.

Dryden offers tips on protecting our pets. We also need to protect ourselves, as dogs are a sentinel for tick disease.