Tick Disease is Forever


Experts suggest that this season ticks will be in even greater abundance. And where there are ticks, there’s tick disease. Veterinary nurse Beckie Mossor suggests on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show that unless it’s happened to you – you might think it will never happen to you. Once infected, there is no cure, only treatment. But the disease will last for the lifetime of your dog.

Beckie Mossor

So, of course, the best bet is prevention.

We also talk about where to purchase tick preventives and how to purchase. One important point is that some products protect against different tick species, which may or may not occur where you happen to live – and that is one reason why veterinary input is so important.

By using a trusted product, likely your dog can avoid tick disease. And also, there’s a vaccine specifically for Lyme in dogs. Actually, tick disease prevention may be better for pets than people.

Mossor says the Companion Animal Parasite Council is a great resource.