Tick Disease May be On the Rise


       Published in the American Veterinary Medical Association daily SmartBriefs….Veterinarian
Dr. Frank Mondi of the New Hartford Animal Hospital says that tick-born
diseases have reached endemic level in the Mohawk Valley in New york State, near Utica.

This is relevant to Chicago – even the rest of the nation for these reasons:

  • Regions where tick presence is occurring is expanding.
  • No surprise – more ticks, the more tick disease.

In New York State, Mondi and others confirm it’s Lyme Disease which has become increasingly prevalent. But there’s a long list of tick-borne disease which can affect dogs (and most regions of the country – even urban areas – may be affected). At least with Lyme, if it is occurring where you live or travel to with your pet (planning a vacation – talk to your veterinarian if you are taking Fido), there’s a vaccine. There are other products which greatly lessen the chance of tick-borne disease. Some of the of over–the-counter products might work; others might not – it’s important to see your veterinarian.

First, you are getting ticks on yo? If so, then for sure, at the level dogs are – they a far more vulnerable. Do check your dogs regularly for ticks. However, even if you are not seeing ticks, it may not mean they are not there, and your veterinarian isn’t diagnosing tick-borne illness. These diseases are nasty. Do all you can to avoid them. And again, that begins with a conversation with your veterinarian.

Here’s a video conversation with Dr. Michael Dryden, veterinary parisitologist at Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine. The Companion Animal Parasite Council has more information.And so does this new website ALL about dogs and ticks.

If your dog does get a tick-born illness (often dogs are infected with a cocktail of these buggers, so it’s really several illnesses) – you’ll be tcked off at yourself for not at least attempting to take appropriate steps to prevent, and most of all, your dog’s quality of life could be impacted for a very long time.