Tick Diseases In Dogs


Tick populations are booming, and where there are ticks, I can assure you there is tick disease. Sometimes tick borne illnesses are debilitating (to pets and also people, of course). And it’s more than merely Lyme, there’s a long, long list of nasty sounding diseases.   Sometimes they even come grouped together, as some ticks will deliver of cocktail of nasty sounding pathogens. Yuck!

And don’t think because you may live in a big city you escape the wrath of ticks – not true, at least not anymore.

In truth we can do more to protect our dogs than to protect ourselves. For Lyme disease, there are vaccines. For identification of whether or not your dog is infected with tick disease, there’s an easy an inexpensive blood test. And there are lots of products that protect, though the ones that work best are available through your veterinarian.

This story goes into more detail about ticks and tick illnesses.

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