Tick Talk


Beckie Mossor

She’s a tick girl. Registered veterinary technician Beckie Mossor is one of the most passionate voices when it comes to communicating about tick disease prevention, and does so here on the national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show.

With more ticks in more places than ever before it’s a more significant problem than ever. There are more white-tailed deer, climate change contributes and sprawling suburbia intersecting with wildlife not to mention increasing urban wildlife – all contributing to the problem.

Prevention may not be perfect but it’s close. Lyme Disease in dogs, as one example, we can prevent through a preventive product as well as a vaccine. That’s better than we can do for people, where a vaccine will happen but for dogs the vaccine has been here, it’s safe and it works.

Randomly choosing a product online or from a big box store has downsides, says Mossor, and many products available from these places may not be regulated, or the product you choose may not be the best bet for the tick species who live where you do.