Ticks Continue Their Bite Well Into Fall


Steve Dale and Dr. Byron Blagburn on tick disease

Dr. Byron Blagburn


A girl in Chicago recently died of Lyme; tick disease is real. And dogs are a sentinel for tick disease, including Lyme disease, agrees veterinary parasitologist Dr. Byron Blagburn, distinguished professor department of pathobiology, Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. I speak with Dr. Blagburn on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show:

  • Blagburn notes that we can do more to protect dogs from ticks than ourselves.
  • He says fall (even as temperatures drop) is when dogs are most susceptible to Lyme.
  • Lyme even happens in big cities (and more often than you may think).
  • Often when dogs (or people) infected with Lyme may turn out to be co-infected with another tick disease or two (which makes a bad situation worse).
  • Some products you read about online – like some  “all natural products” – may do absolutely nothing to protect our pets from tick disease.

Blagburn likes the idea of products which repel ticks all together, a spot on like Vectra 3D.

For more information on the vaccine for Lyme disease available for dogs, speak to your veterinarian or visit stoplyme.com.