Ticks In the Cold? It's True. Tick Protection Should Be Year-Round


No one likes ticks – they’re gross…Dr. Suzanne Causey, a field services veterinarian at Merial stopped by Steve Dale’s Pet World to talk about protection our pets from these dangerous parasites. Listen HERE.

Most pet owners (hopefully) think tick disease, and protection for our pets in Spring and Summer….but protection shouldn’t stop there, she says. In fact, ticks are a year-round threat – even upwards in Illinois, Michigan, New England for sure (because of Lyme disease). Exactly what that protection looks like, depends on veterinary recommendations – based, in part, on where you live and your pets’ lifestyles.

Other tips to assist pet owners include cutting back on grasses, checking your pets when you arrive back home from hikes.

Dr. Causey also describe how to (yuck) remove ticks.

Year-round tick protection is also suggested by the Companion Animal Parasite Council (a superb resourc