Tiger Walks into A Bar


So, what happens when a tiger ambles into a bar?

Q: What’s a tiger running a copy machine called? A: A copycat! Q.

Q: Why did the tiger loose at poker? A. Because he was playing with a cheetah

Q: Where does a tiger sleep? A: Anywhere he wants to!

 Q: Who went into the tigers den and came out alive? A: The tiger.

 Q: What’s the silliest name you can give a tiger? A: Spot. 

Except this isn’t a joke (not sure those lines above are either), in Lockport  on February 15, a man did walk into a bar with a tiger cub, Uncle Richie’s Bar.

The bartender suggested, “Your tiger doesn’t have an ID”, and several agreed that John Basile  might have been just a little drunk.

You think?

Police weren’t laughing at any punch line, and filed misdemeanor charges against Basile for  disorderly conduct and possession of a dangerous animal for the latest incident.

During a previous visit, a tiger cub reportedly bit a guest.

Basile does have a Federal license to care for wildlife because he runs  Big Run Wolf Ranch, a rescue and educational facility.  But I want to be careful what I say – there’s a ‘lawyer letter’ on the facility’s Facebook page.  He holds open houses to show the animals to visitors and to teach them, especially children, about nature.