Topher Brophy and the Human Animal Bond


How animals can change a life, even save a life. Internet star Topher Brophy goes deep HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. 

Brophy’s book, Dog Dad: How Animals Bring Out the Best in Us and Can Help Save the World is very personal story and is dedicated to the human animal bond. Brophy is most well known for his dog Rosenberg (whom he has a striking resemblance) but explains the human animal relationship actually began years ago with a cat named Emmett, who had a huge impact on his his life as a child.

Rosenberg was “a portal for happiness for me understanding I can be happy,” he says. He explains why he named his dog Rosenberg, and not Fido or Spot.

“People who love animals is a great unifier,” he says.

“We lose our innocence when we begin to understand mortality exists,” says Brophy. Of course, that’s not the case with animals. And he elaborates why animals are “love batteries.” Animals make us to be our best selves.

Brophy answers, how you can possibly give back to dogs as much as they give us.

Proceeds from book sales benefit American Humane rescue efforts.

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