Tornado Animal Rescue, Chicago Party Animals & Concierge, Steve Dale's Pet World, WGN Radio


Red Star Emergency Services of the American Humane Association is on the ground in tornado ravaged Oklahoma, and Steve Dale’s Pet World will kick off with an on-the-scene report with Josh Cary of the American Humane Association, at 1:07 p.m (CDT) on WGN  Radio on May 25.  Josh will talk about the ups (like real-life pet rescue stories), and downs (lost pets not recovered). It’s one thing to read interneet reports or see the events on the news, it’s another to actually hear it all first paw from someone on the scene.

Steve will offer updates about how Chicago animal groups are helping.

Tracey Gold is a pet service matchmaker as president of Chicago Canine Concierge with Chicago’s Party Animal herself, Josie Jendro.

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