Tragedy in Ohio: 70 Dogs Die in Puppy Mill Fire


This didn’t have to happen. In a facility called a “puppy mill” 70 dogs perished in a fire earlier this week in Morrow County, OH. First responders heroically saved 17 dogs, and it appears all of those will live.

First, if this was truly a puppy mill- the facility with nearly 100 dogs arguably shouldn’t be operating in the first place. How did this facility ever pass a Department of Agriculture inspection?

Maybe someone will pay attention to what I did in Illinois in 2019, the first state to mandate fire protection for pets in kennels/boarding facilities after over 30 dogs were killed in a fire in (suburban) West Chicago. Kennels (and breeding facilities) are now required to have a fire alarm system ringing directly to first responders, a sprinkler system or a human being on premises. Joining Governor J.B. Pritzker was State Rep. Diane Pappas (D-45th district), who sponsored the Illinois bill.

Simultaneously, there was all sorts of controversy and allegations about there being too many dogs at Bully Life Animal Services in overcrowded conditions at the time of the fire outside Chicago, about poor wiring (causing the fire) and about aversive training methods allegedly used by the trainer/manager of the facility.

Did fire inspectors ever inspect this Ohio facility? Thus far, no one is talking.

The fire protection law isn’t only about saving animal lives, with fire prevention the fire simply won’t be as bad – if there is a fire at all – which also benefits first responders and property itself.

I am happy to support anyone in Ohio looking to pass a law similar to what was passed in Illinois.