Training Service Dogs

service dog and Steve Dale's Pet World


Barbara Handleman, certified animal behavior consultant,  is the author of “Canine Behavior: A Photo Illustrated Handbook” talks about U.S. veterans needing service dogs in record numbers and training service dogs on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show.

Handelman feels strongly that so many dogs are not appropriately trained to do the real work involved in being a service dog. Even programs breeding their own dogs, she says, have a 50percent wash out rate. However, what Barbara is really warning about are the so-called trainers who are noting a marketing niche but really are either unqualified and/or not providing real-life training for service dogs. And indeed – if you want a real service dog, you do have to be sure to enlist a legitimate organization. Barbara offers tips on what to watch out for

Some people – far worse – don’t even train but instead just go online for the so-called credentials for $19.99.  And this ability to get these meaningless credentials  impact people who really have finely trained service dogs.