Tree House Humane Society Shatters Cat Adoption Mark


Tree House Humane Society and Chicago are doing something right.  After all, at a time when too many shelters all around the country are having difficulty adopting cats into homes and at the same time cat population is on the decline (by nine percent according to the American Veterinary Medical Association), this Chicago No Kill  and cageless all-cat shelter broke their all-time adoption record in 2012. Over 800 cats found new homes in 2012!  Making matters even more impressive, nearly all the cats are former (friendly) strays, and many also have special needs – some were missing a leg, others have the feline immunodeficiency virus, diabetes, even visually impaired as some examples.

Since Tree House was established 1971, never before have more cats found homes in a year. “We worked hard in 2012 to find more homes for cats and kittens than ever before”, said Executive Director David de Funiak. “We are proud to report that we ended the year with our highest number of adoptions in our 41-year history, both at our adoption centers and through our Community Cats TNR Program.”

Here is a breakdown of 2012 adoptions and placements:

  • 668 resident cats adopted from our two adoption centers (a new annual record!)
  • 41 cats and kittens adopted offsite through our Community Cats TNR Program
  • 52 feral cats relocated
  • 49 kitten adoptions facilitated through our Community Cats/TNR Socialized Kitten Program via our partnership with the Anti-Cruelty Society
  • 32 FIV cats adopted from our adoption centers (a new annual record!) and 7 adopted offsite through our Community Cats/TNR Program
  • 8 FeLV cats adopted offsite via our Community Cats TNR Program.
  • Some kittens were adopted through a partnership with the Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago to save lives.

And there’s still more, Tree House increased their placement rate by 40% over 2011.

deFuniak says the goal for 2013 is 900 total placements.

Worth the Wait Adopt-a-thon!  Meet the love of your life and make their Valentine’s Day dreams come true during this special Valentine’s Day adopt-a-thon from February 11 – 17,  adoption fees will be waived for all cats who have been waiting at Tree House for more than six months. All adopters will receive a special Valentine’s goodie bag that includes a handmade catnip toy, Tree House Cat Care Guide, treats for people from Oak Mill Bakery,