Tree House Humane Society Turns Kitten Around


Tree House Humane Society staff and shelter do this sort of thing all the time – this story happened to have gone viral….and being a Tree House Humane Society supporter (and member of the Board of Directors), I am happy to write about Stockings – but there are many similar stories.

Stockings, an orange tabby, was born with backwards hind legs, leaving him unable to stand or walk. He was brought to the Tree House  when he was just a few weeks old, rescued from a presumed hoarder. “He had so much pent up energy! He wanted to run around like other kittens and play,” said the shelter’s Jenny Schlueter.

The shelter contacted an orthopedic veterinarian, Dr. Neuhaus at Chicago Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center who performed three procedures to turn the kitten’s legs forward. Now, Stockings runs and plays as most kittens do.

The story of Stockings is one of hope for a kitten born with a severe birth defect which could have cost him his life. If it wasn’t for Tree House, and help from Tree House supporters Stockings would definitely not be here. Born unable to walk or even stand, little Stockings was found at only a few weeks old. Thankfully, a kind person brought him to Tree House in the first place.

Now, Stockings is a normal crazy kitty, and has been adopted. His entire story is HERE.

Read it at Chicago’s ABC 7 and watch Stockings play …