Tribute to Veterinary Behaviorist Dr. R.K. Anderson


Veterinary behaviorist Dr. R.K. Anderson was simply a legend in veterinary medicine – the public didn’t know his name (or his long list of achievements) but veterinarians, veterinary technicians and dog trainers sure knew.

Dr. Anderson, who passed away Oct. 19 at age 90,  and I worked together on several initiatives, and I interviewed him many times.  Here’s a remeberance piece I wrote about Dr. Anderson.

Here an interview from Steve Dale’s Pet World. We reveal what people are surprised to hear about Dr. Anderson, even before the Hollywood tabloids and TV’s Xtra.

He’d call – and before he said anything in that booming voice, he’d begin “R K Anderson here.” As if it could be anyone else.

Then on one this one occasion, he asked a favor. He wanted me to be the keynote speaker at the conference of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), which was to be held in Denver. He asked me to speak about breed bans, and why they don’t work. The conference was in Denver, where a breed ban had just been approved by the city council.

When I told friends about the request – even a friend who then was on then  APDT Board to a person, said ‘You’d have to be crazy to do that.’

What they didn’t consider is where the request came from. Of course, I did it.

And when my keynote was over, Dr. Anderson came up to me and said, “You went to the top of mountain my friend.”

I still am not sure what that meant – but I know he thought I did well.