Truth About Ticks and Cats


Ticks are far more often groomed off by cats compared to dogs. But even the most fastidious cat can’t get them all, sometimes because of where the ticks hold on, such as on cats’ ears, or the ticks attach just long enough to spread illness. Listen HERE, as Dr. Lea Cohn professor of medicine at University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine, tells me on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World national radio show that tick disease can even kill cats.

Dr.Cohn is an expert on cytauxzoonosis (bobcat fever) and explains how bobcats have something to do with this disease which is often fatal to domestic cats. Though Cohn has created a treatment for cytauxzoonosis, it’s expensive and may not be successful.

Another tick disease is tularemia, which can also be fatal to cats. Ehrlichia and anaplasmosis, most known as making dogs or people ill, can also cause sickness in cats. Cohn says it’s entirely possible that some tick diseases that make cats sick that haven’t even been identified.

New technology may be the way to go – Catego.  Always, speak with your veterinarian.