Tubs the Staffordshire Terrier: A Neighborhood Ambassador


Lessons learned in these videos and on the TikTok page for Tubs:

  1. When you see a tail wag like this one – you can’t help but smile. I dare you.
  2. If pit bull bans were banned wherever this dog lives, Tubs the blue Staffordshire Terrier would be banned. Note how “dangerous” this sweetest dog is, a neighborhood ambassador (not to mention an ambassador for all dogs referred to as pit bulls.)

Litte miss Tubs greeting the neighbours, still so many more videos to show since the sign has been placed outside 🥺🐾 #fyp #love #staffordshirebullterrier #feelgood

♬ Turning Page – Sleeping At Last


Tubs breaking negative stereotypes, follow her instagram in bio for more 🐾. #fyp #staffordshirebullterier #love

♬ Married Life – Michael Giacchino