TV Credits


"Steve makes it very easy to discuss difficult topics, such as animal cruelty. He’s definitely providing a great service to the animal community by educating the public about pet care. Steve Dale isn’t afraid to put himself out there and say what needs to be said." – Annemarie Lucas, supervisory special investigator at the ASPCA, and star of Animal Precinct on Animal Planet.

The Oprah Winfrey Show

An on-location self-contained piece from a dog beach on ‘dog etiquette.’

National Geographic Explorer, CNBC and National Geographic

Crazy Cats!

Parts: Part of the Family, PBS

Ricky: The piano playing cat, a modern day Meowzart

Petsburgh USA, Animal Planet

Hosted parades for sight hounds, scent hounds, terriers and sporting breeds. How to play with your cat. How to play with your dog. Trmming down tubby tabbies. (seven shows)

A Pet Story, Animal Planet



Steve joins Annemarie Lucas of the ASPCA and Animal Planet’s ‘Animal Precinct’ on a Satellite Media Tour.

Ricky: A Bittersweet Story, FOX News Channel

Fat Cats


The Pet Project, Canadian TV/Animal Planet

Ricky, The Musical Cat


Balance TV, CTV, Canada

Trendy Fashions and Trendy Dog Breeds (two segments)

The News, NHK, Japanese Broadcasting Corporation

Cloning Cats

GPA: Japanese TV Network

What makes Chicago so friendly (taped in WGN Radio studio)


Why we spend so much on our pets

Steve appears frequently on all Chicago television stations. He’s been a semi-regular at WMAQ-TV (NBC O&O).

WGN TV: ‘Pet Expert’

December, 1995 through June 1998:

Contributed weekly segments on superstation WGN Morning News. Examples:

* Green Iguanas: Jurassic Pets
* Travel Gear for Pets
* Litter Box 101
* Truth About Tarantulas
* 60 Seconds to Train a Puppy
* Designer Snakes
* Vaccinate Or Not: That is the Question
* Dressing for the Weather

Parade coverage, La Grange Pet Parade, local cable