Two Legends for Pets in One WGN Radio Show: Dr. Fine, Dr. Ettinger


Gratitude – for having the opportunity not only interview legends, but also calling these two pioneers my friends. And, to learn what they have to say….Listen HERE to both Dr. Aubrey Fine and Dr. Stephen Ettinger on my Steve Dale’s Pet World WGN Radio show.

Dr. Aubrey Fine, professor emeritus California Polytech State University, licensed psychologist, and chair of the Scientific Advisory Board at Pet Partners. Dr. Fine has authored more books than I can list, and include top sellers like, Afternoon with Puppy: Inspirations of a Therapist and His Animals and books for professionals like Handbook for Animal Assisted Therapy: Foundations and Guidelines for Animal Interventions .

I ask Dr. Fine about the following:

  • Are our animals relieving our stress? Or does our stress (which they may pick up on) cause them stress?
  • Why have there been so many shelter adoptions? I suggest it’s more than the shelters cry for help.
  • How and why our pets have adjusted with changes in our routines.

A Change Isn’t Going To Come: A Change Has Come

Dr.Stephen Ettinger

The name Dr. Stephen Ettinger has practically become synonymous with veterinary specialties. Not only did he and his colleagues found the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, but also, in 1977 he helped establish the Berkeley Veterinary Medical Group, the first private group veterinary specialty practice in the United States. In addition, Dr. Ettinger published (many editions of) the Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine, the gold standard in veterinary internal medicine. A veterinary cardiologist, Ettinger is responsible for studying heart disease in cats and dogs, and has been an early supporter of the one health movement to better understand the relationships between humans, animals and the environment which they share – which of course, had everything to do with how the pandemic came about in the first place.  He talks HERE about after over five decades of practicing veterinary medicine. Dr.Ettinger also suggests how the pandemic has changed vet medicine – and in ways, perhaps forever.

“If there isn’t good communication that exists….then you won’t have a successful outcome”

The best thing for Dr. Ettinger, he says, has been the time spent with clients. But when you can only see clients virtually, then what? And then do the clients and pets pay a price?

We discuss the Fear Free initiative, to minimize fear, anxiety and stress.  He says, “How can you be a veterinarian and not be a supporter of Fear Free?”

Celebration of Dogs

As our world is now upside down, nothing brings nations together as do dogs. Our best friends deserve their own day, and that’s what they get every year in Nepal with Kukur Tihar or Kukur Puja, which literally means worship of dogs.