Ukrainian Relief: $500,000 to Support Animals in Need from AVMF


From the American Veterinary Medical Foundation:

As the humanitarian crisis in and around Ukraine continues, the U.S. veterinary community is responding with an outpouring of generosity to help both people and animals. The American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF), American Veterinary Medical Association’s charitable arm, is channeling over $500,000 in donations to help those affected by the war, and the fundraising continues.

The Doris Day Animal Foundation recently donated $100,000 to be directed toward Ukraine disaster relief by the Foundation. Two other donors – Ethos Veterinary Health; and People, Pets, and Vets – are contributing $50,000 each. All of the donations are in addition to $100,000 pledged previously by Merck Animal Health, which was matched by the AVMF with $100,000 in pre-existing funds.

“When we heard that AVMF was providing food, medical care, disaster relief, and emergency support to animals affected by the Ukrainian crisis, we knew we wanted to help,” said Dr. Bob Bashara, CEO of Doris Day Animal Foundation and the 2018 recipient of the AVMA Animal Welfare Award.

Personal donations also are making a big difference. As of April 19, individual donors had given $135,000, and contributions continue to come in. If you can help, please consider a contribution to

The donations are providing much-needed food, medical care, disaster relief, and emergency support to protect animal welfare and care providers in the affected areas. Funds are being channeled to trusted organizations working on the ground, including the International Fund for Animal WelfareGreater Good CharitiesStreet Dog CoalitionEuropean Association of Zoos and Aquaria, and Ukrainian Small Animal Veterinary Association.

Several Ukrainian veterinarians recently spoke with AVMA News, describing how their lives have been upended by the war. Displaced, separated from their families, and in fear for their lives, they continue to support their fellow citizens and patients as best they can.

Dr.Marty Becker, here on WGN Radio, relates his experience treating refugee animals just across Ukrainian border.

Also, I spoke HERE on WGN Radio with Maksim Chmerkovskiy of Dancing with the Stars recalling his harrowing experience in Ukraine as the Russian invasion began while he was there to judge a Ukrainian version of Dancing with the Stars. His non-profit charity to help people in Ukraine is Baranova-27