Unable To Train a Puppy: South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Kills Her


For countless generations German Wirehair Pointers have been bred for their exuberant personalities, and puppies are naturally going to be this way. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem reportedly writes in her new book No Going Back: The Truth on What’s Wrong with Politics and How We Move America Forward (due out in May) how she is proud that she took aim and shot her puppy.

“Cricket was a wirehair pointer, about 14 months old,” she writes in the book, adding that the dog, a female, had an “aggressive personality” and needed to be trained to be used for hunting pheasant.The potential Vice-Presidential candidate writes that her “solution” was to aim and shoot the dog.

By taking Cricket on a pheasant hunt with older dogs, Noem says, she hoped to calm the young dog down and begin to teach her how to behave. Unfortunately, Cricket ruined the hunt, going “out of her mind with excitement, chasing all those birds and having the time of her life”.

Noem describes calling Cricket, then using an electronic collar to attempt to bring her under control. Nothing worked.

On the way home after the hunt, as Noem stopped to talk to a local family, Cricket escaped the Governor’s truck and attacked the family’s chickens, “grabb[ing] one chicken at a time, crunching it to death with one bite, then dropping it to attack another”.

Cricket the untrainable dog, Noem writes, behaved like “a trained assassin”.

Through it all (meaning killing the chickens), Noem says, Cricket was “the picture of pure joy”.

“I hated that dog,” Noem writes, adding that Cricket had proved herself “untrainable”, “dangerous to anyone she came in contact with” and “less than worthless … as a hunting dog”.

“At that moment,” Noem says, “I realized I had to put her down.” She led the dog to a place on her property and shot the defenseless dog.

Incredibly, Noem’s tale of slaughter is not finished. Noem decided to kill the unnamed goat the same way she had just killed Cricket the dog. But though she “dragged him to a gravel pit”, the goat jumped as she shot and therefore survived the wound. Noem says she went back to her truck, retrieved another shell, then “hurried back to the gravel pit and put him down.”

She includes her story about the ill-fated Cricket, she says, to illustrate her willingness, in politics as well as in South Dakota life, to do anything “difficult, messy and ugly” if it simply needs to be done

What Shooting A Puppy Really Says About a Person?

In reality Noem should look into a mirror? Who’s fault is it that the dog was untrained. A shock collar can potentially cause even more problems, not to mention that it’s not a humane training method.

She hates the dog because it got out of the truck to kill chickens. Dogs don’t have thumbs. How did the dog get out of the truck in the first place? I suggest the dog was riding in the bed of a pick-up truck, which may not be illegal in South Dakota but it is illegal in many states. No matter, the puppy wasn’t supervised. And incidentally, this dog was friendly to people just apparently not much use as a hunting dog, at least not yet.

Yes, this dog might have been more difficult to train than her previous dogs. However, this doesn’t mean that Cricket was untrainable. And how is it a “solution” to shoot the dog? Many dog trainers hwould have been honored to work to help a Governor’s dog. Other homes surely would have valued Cricket.

I am not making a political statement However, I do know what animal cruelty is. I do know what kindness and patience are.

I agree with statements like this one from the President of Animal Wellness Action and Center for Humane Economy Wayne Pacelle, “There’s no rational and plausible excuse for Noem shooting a juvenile dog for normal puppy-like behavior. If she is unable to handle an animal, ask a family member or a neighbor to help. If training and socializing the dog doesn’t work, then give the dog to a more caring family or to a shelter for adoption. Raising and caring for a dog takes patience and kindness. Tens of millions of Americans who know and love dogs have to wonder about a person who expresses hatred for a young female dog and kills her.”

President Trump called his Vice-President a “yokel” for all the pets in Vice-President Mike Pence’s household over the years. Also, Trump was the first President in a very long time not to have an animal in White House. Maybe, Noem was actually writing this story to one person, Donald Trump.