Underground Puppy Mill Raid


For those who believe puppy mills don’t exist, I’d like to hear an explanation of the following.

Puppy millers are going to extreme lengths to attempt to remain hidden. It sounds like a movie, but it’s reality. While puppy mills are often in secret locations, this one was found underground, past a secret hidden entrance in the woods, following a darkened path. Dogs squeezed together and kept in apparently horrific conditions.

On Monday, April 24, Animal Control Officer Butch Cain, with assistance from Newton County Sheriffs Deputies David Hoaks and Richard Hughes, rescued approximately 14 dogs from an alleged dog breeding operation that had been hidden in an abandoned underground bomb shelter in rural Lake Village, Indiana.

Following the dark underground path, the officers—or heroes, as I would call them—began to hear the barking, which became louder and louder, and was followed by an overwhelming cloud of ammonia from dog urine, a common issue in puppy mills.

According to printed reports, the bunker was so limited that officers were forced to use a rope and portable animal carrier to haul the animals up out of the hole in small groups. Despite the risk, Inspector Cain and Officer Hoaks entered the bunker and were successful in rescuing all of the animals. After securing the last dog, both officers required medical treatment for exposure to high levels of concentrated ammonia and animal waste.

A similar operation was uncovered in 2015.  Pat Gorecki, who has a notable history of involvement in such activities, was again found present at the site. No word on the charges filed.

Victoria Stilwell and I recently spoke about puppy mills. We talk the truth.