Urban Myth: Febreze and Pets


Q: Years ago, I heard that Febreze is dangerous to pets, but then didn’t hear anything else for some time, until a few weeks ago. I’ve been reading online to avoid using Febreze so I have. Tell me about Febreze and pets. B. C., Minneapolis, MN

A: “You can safely use Febreze around pets,” says Dr. Justine Lee, emergency veterinarian and critical care specialist, and toxicologist in St. Paul, MN. “What you read is an Internet urban myth; it’s simply not true.”

Years ago shortly after Febreze, a household odor eliminator, hit the market, the product was implicated to be the cause of illness and death in some pets. Not only wasn’t this substantiated, but Proctor & Gamble teamed up with the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center to determine that Fabreze is truly safe. Nothing has changed.

Steve Dale Pet World, LLC; Tribune Content Agency