Veterinarian and Doctor Talk One Health: Tick Disease


Chicago Veterinarian Dr.Natalie Marks of Blum Animal Hospital and human pediatrician and infectious disease specialist Dr. Patricia DeLaMora in New York City get together to talk about a One Health initiative, regarding tick disease – specifically Lyme Disease, on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio.

Listen HERE to their conversation regarding what to do to prevent Lyme in dogs and in people.

We can actually do more to protect dogs against tick disease than ourselves, including innovative products like a 12-week lasting chewable, called Bravecto. Also, for dogs, there’s a vaccine to protect against Lyme.

Children and dogs often share the same environment for tick disease

Children and dogs often share the same environment for tick disease

Marks talks about how veterinarians are trained to think about Lyme and tick disease daily, and can easily screen for it, routinely.

In veterinarian medicine, there’s little controversy regarding Lyme. In human medicine, the issue is more contentious.

Marks and DeLaMora agree, in dogs and people, one additional means of protection are daily tick checks.

DeLaMora says that in people Lyme in people is under-reported and under-diagnosed.

Marks says her own pediatrician hasn’t asked about Lyme, and likely should there should be discussion. Communication is what’s more important – so hopefully people can prevent tick disease in the first place. 

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Other partners in this initiative are myself, the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Global Lyme Alliance.

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