Veterinarian with Lyme talks with Steve Dale


Stop Lyme is a national campaign that I began in conjunction with the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Global Lyme Alliance.

Listen HERE to Dr. Grace Bransford on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN. Dr. Bransford has Lyme disease, and talks about how the human medical community was kind of cynical, at first, about diagnosing.

Lyme (and some other tick diseases) are easily diagnosed in dogs. I thought, if a dog is diagnosed, a person was likely at the other end of the leash  sharing the same environment (where ticks obviously are) – and perhaps that person should at least understand symptoms of tick disease, and even see a physician. And visa versa, when a person is diagnosed, the doctor should ask, “Hey, do you happen to have a dog?” If so, perhaps that dog should take a simple blood test to discern if at least one of the most common tick diseases may be infecting that dog.

Bransford talks about why diagnosis for is pretty good, for people not as good – and for both needs to be better. And a listener called in making the same point.

By the way, that heartworm test we hear about is more than about just testing for heartworm – it’s also a test for Lyme and some other tick diseases also.

A listener talks about under-diagnosis, specifically regarding a tick disease called Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Dr. Bransford and I talked about protection. There’s new technology (products like Bravecto), and a Lyme vaccine to protect dogs….in people there are no chewable yummies nor is there a vaccine, at least not yet.

We spoke about Stanford University’s work in this area. Here are some resources.

We talked about the importance of One Health – understanding that animals and people do share the same environments, and often same illnesses. I just happened to speak at an event for Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness.