Veterinary Dermatologist on Everything to Know About Allergies in Pets


Veterinary dermatologist Dr. Brittany Lancellotti earned the EveryCat Health Foundation 2024 Steve Dale Communications Award for the Your Vet Wants You to Know podcast.

Listen HERE to Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio, and Dr. Lancellotti describing what this award meant to her and what her now award-winning podcast is all about, why it’s so important to dispel the myriad of myths found online.


There are four different presentations of allergies in cats, and all are discussed.

Dr. Lancellotti explains what’s likely the cause – in truth – when cats are overgrooming (it’s not what you think).

The most common allergy in dogs and cats – here’s another surprise, it’s called flea allergy dermatitis. And why just one bite might cause the issue, and even in indoor cats.

What about food allergies? If that is suspected, a diet trial is the next step, which Dr. Lancellotti explains also about using novel diets (and what that means) and hydrolyzed protein diets (and what that means), and single-protein diets (and what that means).

Dr. Lancellotti has had clients with cats that are allergic to their people. And when that happens? Does she ask that people move out of their homes?

One of the most common and frustrating derm problems which Dr. Lancellotti sees are ear-infections. This may occur over and over as a result of lifelong disease, and some breeds are more prone. Often (not always) it’s allergies which cause the ear infections, so only clearing up the ears without treating the cause means the problem will re-occur. With ear infections, not only is the dog suffering but the human animal bond suffers too from people feeling terribly guilty that they’re doing their best but the problem occurs over and over, the cost involved and even sleep deprivation.

She explains how Fear Free techniques make a significant difference in the way which she practices veterinary dermatology because of Fear Free .  She tells her clients to play music for cats in the car on way into her practice and offers additional advice (and sometimes even a pharmaceutical) to minimize fear, anxiety and stress.