Victoria Stilwell: Guardians of the Night, Puppy Mills


Victoria Stilwell is a favorite guest of mine, not only because she’s excellent on the air, but also because of the respect I have for her. HEAR our conversation from Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN radio about her new series, “Guardians of the Night.”

What about this show touches me? “Guardians of the Night” celebrates the everyday heroes, law enforcement professionals and their canine parters. Pet expert Steve Dale speaks with dog trainer Victoria Stilwell about "Guardians of the Night"We learn all about what police dogs actually do, and you get a feel (not really shown before) of the intense bond police handlers have with these dogs. Victoria and I discuss all these topics.

Watch “Guardians of the Night.”

We also spoke about puppy mills. Not only do they exist, but as long as people keep buying from pet stores, flea markets, auctions, and online from the mills, they will be here. Whether you believe it or not, and regardless of what pet store owners say, dogs sold from pet stores are from the mills. Victoria and I both support laws to prevent dogs and cats from being sold in stores. Pet expert Steve Dale and trainer Victoria Stilwell talk on WGN radio about puppy mill busts

We also talk about the AKC (American Kennel Club) support of puppy mills. I understand this is a strong statement, but here is what the AKC says about support of laws to prevent communities from banning the sales of dogs/cats at pet stores.

Here’s information about the upcoming Puppy Mill Project benefit, Mothers in the Mills, which I will attend.