Warning: Pets Are Being Stolen from Backyards


I don’t believe you’d call these criminals cat burglars. Seriously, dognapping from backyards seems to be on the rise in the Chicago area, and all over the country.

Tragically, many of the small dogs that are swiped are being used as bait for training dogfighting dogs. Others are essentially being nabbed for ransom, waiting for a reward to be posted. Sometimes, they’re taken because – well, they’re there to take. Of course, smaller dogs are generally easiest to snatch.

Yorkshire Terrier taken from Roscoe Village

 Stolen dog: link from Craig’s list – Yorkshire Terrier taken from Roscoe Village

Sometimes when people break into a home these days,and they take the electronic equipment, the jewelry and the dog. That’s exactly what happened to Tucker. Information on Tucker from this post on Craig’s list. 

Tucker, a stolen cockapoo from a near-north side apartment

The fix for dogs being taken from yards is easy – never leave a dog out unsupervised in a yard. Backyards aren’t baby sitters anyhow. Dogs languishing in yards get bored and develop bad habits, like jumping over fences or digging under them (sometimes dogs assumed to be stolen just managed to get out), digging in the garden or barking at people passing by (even developing what’s called barrier aggression). As tempting as it is to leave dogs in yards on nice days don’t do it.

Another good argument here for a microchip – stolen dogs may end up anywhere….ID collars and tags are long removed. Microchips are the best permanent form of identification.

Dogs left for many hours require shade and fresh water. Without that, when it’s hot out, dogs can easily over-heat.

As for dogs being taken when homes are burglarized – you might think just get a large menacing dog. That might work. The bad guys might also just shoot the dog. (thanks to Facebook friend Lori N. for this post idea)