Wear Winn Feline Foundation


Do you love cats? The Winn Feline Foundation funds cat health studies and has done so for nearly 50 years — that means nearly everything we know about cat health has at one time or another been funded by Winn.

Winn studies have supported a list far too long to be inclusive – here just a few examples: Most infectious diseases in cats (like feline leukemia or the feline immunodeficiency virus) to the very ingredients needed for cat foods to creating a genetic test to determine if a gene defect for heart disease exists in two breeds to understanding disease transmission in shelters to understanding diabetes in cats…..and the list goes on and on, hundreds of examples.

The significance of Winn is undeniable – yet, many cat owners have no idea.

You can support Winn easy enough with a contribution, even setting up monthly giving. Or you can buy something that’ll make you a cool cat: Winn Wear.

Look like a Winn-er!

Steve Dale writes about Winn Feline Foundation wear

The idea began with current Board President Dr. Glenn Olah. He’s a hot shot bicyclist, and decided if it’s good enough for NASCAR, it’s good enough for him.

Dr. Glenn Olah - one cool cat

Dr. Glenn Olah – one cool cat

So he wore the part. . . Now, even folks who didn’t know

shorts shirt

shorts shirt

Winn or even care all too much about cats want to be a “cool cat” like Glenn.

So, now you too can look like Glenn, and it all benefits Winn Feline.

Go to the store and type in the password, “felinehealth”

And then shop away – just remember you will look like a very cool cat and help all cats in the process. So, that makes you a Winn-er!