Wendy Snyder, WGN Radio from New Pain Relief for Pets to Pets and Cicadas


Wendy Snyder is one of the greats of Chicago radio, and I have always loved to partner with her on air as I did talking HERE on WGN Radio about a wide range of topics, including our own pets, featuring Groucho, our cat, who has her own TikTok page. And talk about choosing the right reptile for you.

An explanation about cicadas and pets – concerns, including just how loud cicadas are.

The great Dave Eanet and I both have very senior dogs. Dave talks about using Librela,  a monoclonal antibody which prevents pain resulting from osteoarthritis. A similar product for cats is called Solensia. Every pet is different but for many these products are both game changers. They don’t directly extend life but instead directly impact quality of life. However, since pets are sometimes euthanized because of effects of pain, you can’t get the big dogs into the car or a dog of any size able to go out for walks and accidents then happen or a cat who simply doesn’t want to get off the sofa because it hurts too much, and even goes potty there – yes, these products are a potential life-saver.

Do dogs respond to music?

And a Free Update on Diagnostic and Antiviral Therapy in FIP: Including the New Chewable, which I am hosting for the EveryCat Health Foundation with Michael Tursi, CEO of Stokes Lab releasing new compounded chewable FIP medication; Petra Cerna, PhD MRCVS CertAVP (SAM – F) AFHEA AdvCertFB Colorado State University and past President and past Executive Director Winn Feline/EveryCat Health Vicki Thayer, DVM, DABVP (Feline).

1 p.m. ET, noon CTm 11 a.m. MT and 10 a.m. PT. Register HERE