Westminster Dog Show w/ David Frei; Film Starring Cats; Pet Dental Health: WGN Petcast


An All Star Line Up on this WGN Radio PETCAST – Listen HERE.

For 24 years now David Frei has been announcing the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. He is America’s dog show announcer. We reminisce a bit on past Westminster’s, when in 2008 Uno celebrated his victory with his Beagle howl from which many in the packed crowd at Madison Square Garden could actually hear, to the ‘stack seen around the world,’ referring to German Short-Haired Pointer Carlee’s perfect stance which wowed the packed crowd. Frei talks about pure bred dogs and mixed breed dogs, and his love of all dogs comes through. Westminster is February 11 and 12.

Chicagoan Alana Grelyak, who says, “I really love cats”  made a short movie starring her three rescued or adopted cats, called Catalogue.  Her film was selected from among the best independent cat films and premiered January 19th at Catdance in Park City, UT. The star of the movie is Rocky, a grumpy little fellow, along with Niles, a loving snuggler. The third cat is Crepes, a special needs kitty adopted from Tree House Humane Society. Check Catalogue out here.

February is Pet Dental Health Month, and your pet’s mouth is more than a barometer of dental health, it may impact your animal’s overall health, as explained by Dr. Rod Van Horn. If you are proactive about caring for your pets’ teeth, and there are results which you can see in your dog’s smile – you can win stuff (for you and your pup). Enter the Superstar Smiles Photo Contest. Learn more HERE., or on this Facebook page..

Certified Dog Behavior Consultant Brenda Aloff is the author of  ”Puppy Problems? No Problem! A Survival Guide for Finding & Training Your New Dog.” The idea is that most problems can be avoided, Brenda specifically explains how.

Dog bites can also be avoided, Dr. Sophia Yin describes how to and also how not to approach dogs.