WGN Radio Discussion with John Williams, Lost or Stolen Dogs


With Bow Wow Revolution founder Jen Freels, I talk HERE with King John Williams on WGN Radio about lost or stolen dogs and offer tips on recovery. We discuss whether or not to post a reward, and if so, how much money. And ways to prevent losing dogs in the first place.

I post three examples in this post of lost dogs reunited. There are six lessons learned from each of these examples:

  1. Never give up searching.
  2. Always microchip and update your family’s contact information with the microchip provider.
  3. If you spot the dog, great – but don’t give chase.
  4. Include the community in the search, use posters and always accept help.
  5. Utilyze local groups to help search for lost dogs via Facebook and elsewhere in social media.
  6. To the best of your ability, don’t lose your dog in the first place – don’t leave dogs unsupervised in yards. While depedent on the electronic fencing system used, and the invidual dog, certainly most don’t break through but most is the operative word (aside from humane issues I personally have – as do many others professionals with that type of fencing) And do note dog thefts are on the rise.