WGN Radio Petcast: A Special Salute to Hero Dogs


Listen HERE (may take a moment to load) to this special Petcast is devoted to the heroes among us with four legs, celebrated on the upcoming Hero Dog Awards. The event airs on the Hallmark Channel, following a gala Hollywood event, on November 8 (7 p.m. CDT).

President and CEO of the American Humane Association, Dr. Robin Ganzert, explains what these awards, and associated Hollywood gala, are all about.

I talk about my own hero dog, Lucy, and the fund which I named for her through the American Humane Association. The idea is to raise money to support animal assisted therapy dogs and the work they do today, and the award for best Therapy Dog.

I spoke to Hero Dog nominees in several categories:

Law Enforcement/Arson Dog: Alicia Paggerly
talks about her dog Jynx, who became a local hero for saving the lives of several police officers, though tragically not the one that mattered most. Warning: You’ll need tissue to listen to this one.

Emerging Hero Dog: Daniel survived a gas chamber at a shelter in Alabama. When Joe Dwyer head about Daniel, he not only adopted the Beagle, but also moved forward to convince Massachusetts and soon Pennsylvania to end the practice of killing shelter animals in gas chambers. Dwyer (and Daniel) are determined to have dogs in shelters die humanely and with dignity.

Therapy Dog: Marissa Levy volunteers with her therapy dog around the New York City area, and they’ve made a difference in so many lives.

Hearing Dog: Chirstina St. Blancard’s dog not only alerts her of the door bell or alarm clock like other hearing dogs, Tatiana can also predict when she will have an attack from Meniere’s disease (which would otherwise cause her to become dizzy and fall). She says Tatiana has given her independence.

Bill Abbott, president and CEO of the Hallmark Channel is himself an animal advocate, active in trap, neuter, return of feral cats. He talks about the value dogs have in our lives, and therefore the value of the “Hero Dog Awards.”