WGN Radio Petcast: Breed Ban in Illinois Could Be Overturned, Vick Dog Adopter Tries to Talk with Vick



It was at WGN radio several years ago, that I worked with lots of folks to support an Illinois law which prevents breed bans. After some recent
“incidents” with Pit Bulls downstate, Illinois Representative John
(117tth district) has proposed that the Illinois law prohibiting breed bans should
be overturned.

Illinois State Rep. John Bradley

For the first time, Rep. Bradley explains his perspective, providing his reasoning, and
adds that he has an open mind.

I hope Rep. Bradley hears an my interview with Richard Hunter, a radio
talk show host/reporter in Dallas,TX. Hunter who adopted a
Pit Bull named Mel, who grew up at Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels and
was used as a bait dog. Hunter and his wife adopted Mel from Best Friends Animal
Sanctuary in Konab, UT.

Richard Hunter and Mel

Hunter met Vick once – at a recent press conference in
Dallas. You won’t believe what happened when Hunter asked Vick about
the dog he adopted. If you don’t believe Hunter’s story, just watch the

So, WGN listener Charlene in Batavia has a cat that’s been missing the litter box. So, I deliver litter box superhero Pam Johnson Bennett, author of “Think Like a Cat” and “Cats vs. Cat” to help scratch an answer. Pam’s a favorite guest, a long time friend of my shows.

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