WGN Radio Petcast: Foster 2 Home, Pet Adoptions, Dog Saving Network, CatChannel.com and Taking Pet's Photos


This Petcast features variety, a new Foster organization to a benefit canine talent show to a new column at CatChannel.com to taking photos of your pets to learning more about flea and tick products.

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Fosters and rescues are traditionally about pulling pure-bred dogs from shelters; here comes along a new group called Foster 2 Home. Volunteer Foster hosts with Foster 2 Home focus on mixed-breed dogs. The volunteers assess each dog in a real home environment, and offer basic training, dramatically increasing each dog’s chances of finding a forever adoption home. Louise Basgall and Chrissy Cognozzo of Foster 2 Home explain how this terrific program is succeeding.

Of course, Foster 2 Home does require resources to continue their amazing work. A fundraiser is being held August 28, called “Dogs Got Talent,” noon at the Hotel Bolero (920 E. Northwester Highway, Palatine). Talented adopted dogs perform in a show with dog trainer Chris Dignan of the Dog Saving Network. I am thrilled to be the emcee for the event, which includes lunch, the performing dogs and a game show (the game show stars dogs – of course). Tickets to help this innovative rescue are $25 in advance, $30 at the door.  I really hope to see you there.

Oh, so many misconceptions about cats – and that upsets Susan Logan, editor of Cat Fancy magazine. We talk about everything from mistaken notions about black cats to my new column,  called The CATalyst, at www.catchannel.com.

Taking better pictures of your pets with photographer  John Caruso. You can set yourself (and your camera) up for success. John offers lots of handy and practical tips for snapping your pets.

So, what’s the difference between the FDA and the EPA?  If you buy flea, tick and heartworm products – you really should know, and Dr. Lisa Young, technical consultant from of Elanco Companion Animal Health explains.

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Listen HERE to this WGN Radio Petcast.